Terms of Service

By using the services of BITX99.COM (Referred to from now on as BITX99) you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age or the legal age to participate in your jurisdiction and accept these Terms of Service to their entirety and without reservation. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service as well as its future modifications and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. These Terms of Service govern your use of this website.

Intellectual Property

All materials on this website are intellectual property of BITX99 and you may not use any of the content seen here for commercial use without written permission. This includes the codebase (html/javascript/css), wheel of fortune game, game mechanics, the layout/look-and-feel of the website, referral system, graphics, as well as any similar variations of the name BITX99.

Acceptable Use

By using BITX99, you acknowledge that you must not utilize BITX99 in any way that may cause damage, harm, or any harmful impairment to both the accessibility and availability of BITX99 nor in any manner which would be considered unlawful, illicit, harmful, or fraudulent. Automatic requests made to our application programming interface (from bots and automated applications) in order to gain an advantage is forbidden. By using BITX99 you also acknowledge that BITX99 and its staff has at any time the right to access and view, hold or modify your account balance, information and anything pertaining to your on-site account as this is both owned and controlled by the website and its owners.

Limitations of Liability

Use of our services is at your own risk. BITX99, its owners and affiliates will never be held liable for any individuals’ profits / loss gained on BITX99. BITX99 and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any missed bets or loss of credits.

Bans, Timeouts & Conduct

BITX99 reserves the right to remove any user from our website without prior notification and for any reason without that reason necessarily being disclosed.


BITX99 is not in any way required to grant refunds or compensation for any issue whatsoever. By participating on this website you agree that you are always playing at your own risk with full acknowledgement of the terms of service.

Country Prohibition

Users based in jurisdictions where gambling with cryptocurrencies is illegal are prohibited from playing on BITX99. While we try to block all countries that do not meet the criteria, such blocks are not always 100% reliable and can be circumvented by proxies, VPNs and other services. Use of such services to gain access to BITX99 is prohibited.

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